17 January 2019
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Religious Freedom - Liberta' Reliġjuża

Breakfast Meeting at COMECE on 9th May 2012


Our objective for organising this informal discussion was to investigate “the prevailing situation of Christians in the Arab world in the context of the Arab Spring”.
The interventions of our Guest-Speakers, namely Dr Brian J. Grim and Drs Cornelis Hulsman, together with the questions raised by the participants, provoked a very interesting discussion on the aforesaid topic.
Amongst the questions raised, the following three were discussed at length:
Indeed, the death of the Tunisian Mohammed Bou-azizi who committed suicide as a protest against the economic conditions and police mistreatment, and thus inspiring so many others in the Arab world (including Christians) to show their courage and take up the struggle for freedom, democracy, economic progress and respect for their rights, which were denied for so long is a fact that cannot be denied, yet the process of the ‘Arab Spring’ is still in its early stages and we will be discussing the ‘Arab Uprising’ and the extent these events effected Christian minorities (amongst others) for the foreseeable future.

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